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Rigo was founded on April 2, 1974, a few days after the revolution that would mark the fate of Portugal, as a manufacturer of paint rollers, also selling other accessories such as flat brushes, round brushes, spatulas, sandpaper, masking tape and others.

Over the years it has always been our mission to offer our customers a varied and relevant range of quality articles at the best possible price.
Our production of paint rollers, until 1987 was made by hand and afterwars it began to be made by thermofusion. This process allows adhesion between fabric and a polypropylene (PP) tube only by the use of fire, without the use of glues or seams, thus obtaining a solvent-resistant roller with a perfect and even finish even in short piles lengths.

The year of 2007 was a milestone for Rigo, because through the verification of the great needs of our customers, both quantity and quality, Rigo’s industrial park was renewed from a production of 3,000 rollers / day to 3,200 rollers / Hour, without ever giving up the quality of our articles.

The stability and constant growth of our company are based on three fundamental factors: Proactivity and innovation in our business area; High-capacity production / assembly line; Customer loyalty through a personalized service with our sales team and constant analysis of customer needs.
Keeping our familiar style of management and thanks to the strong relationships we have established with our clients in our more than four decades of existence, Rigo sees the future with confidence, through constant learning, participation in international fairs and a rigorous selection of our Business partners.

All this would not be possible without help from our customers and suppliers and for them our deepest gratitude.

The Rigo Family

To provide the market with the best products at the best price
Why Rigo? Excellent value for money thanks to the automation of processes and a small structure. Our flexibility comes from the extreme care in fixed cost containment that allows us to have a complete range without losing competitiveness.

  • Headquartes and factory in Sintra around 10Km from Lisbon